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Smart, energetic, and dedicated professionals, who are committed to living a good life, are clear that they’ll need help with real-life leadership, training and execution strategies to succeed.  

Professionals, who otherwise would be excelling, are getting stuck and becoming frustrated because there are too many bogus, shallow, and ineffective offers of help standing in-between them and the level of performance they require to live the life they want to live. 

Because time is finite and capacity is limited it’s critical they only work with those who have demonstrated an unquestionable ability to help others perform. This is why Average matters.

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  • It might be time for you to leave Average Frog

    As a culture we’ve become organized around information and knowledge as if it were consumable entertainment. We spend countless hours reading free internet blogs and watching catchy videos, but few of us actually do anything with it.   We “Puff” on our phones as if they were a cigarette. Getting our fix from social sites and texts messages. Using up

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  • Leadership – On Purpose

    In “Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Life and Business I learned As a SEAL Sniper Instructor” we discussed that no matter what you were after producing in your life, the fundamental formula for performance was the same. We talked about how a good butt kicking saved me, why wanting to be a superhero will fail us all, and how

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  • Former SEALs Helped Raise Over $500K For The MMAF

    We had a great event last night. My friend Larry Yatch and I were able to help raise over $500K as “Co Key Note” speakers for the Minnesota Military Appreciation fund. Here’s a quick interview about the event. Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) The mission of MMAF is to say “thanks” to Minnesota Service members and their families who are

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  • Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Life and Business I learned As a SEAL Sniper Instructor: Part I

    Whether you want to lose weight, make more money or eliminate a target 1,000 yards away the fundamentals for performance, and the formula, are all the same.   In part 1 of this series we’re going to cover how a good ass kicking saved my… well ass, why wanting to be a superhero can let us down, and how this

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