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Take control and dominate your life by leveraging the proven human performance principles of the Navy SEALs. Through our extensive coursework and monthly papers, you’ll learn to laser focus on those items necessary to live a good life and lead others to do the same.

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It’s our stand that living a good life should no longer be exception, but should be the new average. This is the community you’ve entered by being a member of Average Frog. Isn’t it time to run with a new pack?

Why Average?


People work with us because we are disruptively obsessive, passionate and committed to how their lives turn out. Meaning that we are absolute when it comes to delivering proven leadership, training and developmental strategies necessary for individuals and organizations to effectively progress towards their best. And, because of where we come from, our members maintain a comfortable and confident sort of peaceful swagger, knowing their actions are as real as their concerns.

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What our clients say

  • "Awesome stuff looking forward to more on getting squared away physically and mentally." - J. Sargeant
  • "Average Frog's philosophy is right on with what is reality. What the entertainment industry has spun is not real. So many people are amazing in one area and so out of balance in all others. When we are what seems normal in all areas we are amazing. I am man enough to be an average frog." - S.T. Loomis
  • "Best motivational & results trainer I have ever heard teach!" - Grant W. Davis

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